Germany, Austria, Switzerland - 2019

Our "oops" trip -

or how we managed to have a great time even after having to say "oops" more than once!








Hello!  We are Dennis and Colleen, from Seattle.  This was our 3rd Rick Steves tour and we had a wonderful time despite a couple of mishaps along the way that somewhat limited our mobility (oops!).  If it hadn't been for the Rick Steves philosophy of travel, we never would have been able to continue.  Thankfully, our great guide, our centrally located hotels and our wonderful group saved the day, and we're so glad they did!

We chose this tour because it allowed us to spend time before-hand with relatives who live near the start of the tour (Trier, Germany).  Dennis has family living in several villages in that area of Germany, plus the tour itinerary also has multiple places we had never visited.

We had booked this tour very early, giving us time to coordinate with the German side of the family.  That left us with months to pore over the guide book and the internet, picking out all of the things we wanted to see and do on the tour.  We had everything all planned out!

With the tour scheduled to start on Tuesday, we flew from Seattle to Frankfurt, landing on the Friday before.  After renting a car at the airport, we drove to Bacharach, a wonderful German village on the Rhine river, only 20 miles or so from the family villages.  We could spend the entire weekend meeting up with distant cousins and explore Bacharach during the rest of the time!  Perfect!


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